Dos And Don'ts For Classic Country Style

Country is a homey style of decorating. The goal is to make it appear as if you're using heirloom pieces to create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. A classic country palette includes soft, pastel colors with floral, striped, or checked patterning. Furniture is typically wooden and may even look handmade. Baskets are common accent pieces. Create a welcoming atmosphere in your home with country style.

Don't Keep Uncomfortable Furniture

Since the hallmark of country style is engendering comfort, the last thing you want is uncomfortable furniture. Indeed, Home and Garden TV points out that stuffing a room with uncomfortable furniture doesn't make it feel inviting. It doesn't matter if you've chosen the perfect hand-crafted rocking chair or sleigh ottoman if your guests don't feel inspired to sit and stay a while.

Do Add Comfortable Furniture

Instead, look for furniture pieces that are comfortable and cozy. These include overstuffed chairs and cushioned ottomans. Shop for furniture that looks handcrafted or even antique. These are typically made of wood and featuring simple ornamentation. Wood can be painted white or left naturally stained.

Don't Choose Too Many Shiny Pieces

Shine doesn't usually last, so adding a lot of shiny items to your décor makes it look more modern than country. The style is more about being simple and down-home. So, while a mirror is naturally shiny, look for one with a milk paint or distressed frame. Again, it should look like it came out of grandma's attic.

Do Select Timeworn Finishes

As stated above, milk paint and distressed paint are common finishes for country décor. Milk paint is actually an old-fashioned finish that was a mixture of milk, lime, and natural pigments. It resulted in gradients of natural shading that improved with age. Distressed finishes are those that already look timeworn. Either of these effects can be mimicked in new décor items.

Don't Approach Décor with a Minimalist Attitude

The restraint of minimalism has its place – in contemporary décor. This style is chic, but it can result in a more formal effect than what's desired with country décor. While less is often more, that's not the case with country style. You don't want clutter, but nor do you want to set the mantle with a single abstract piece.

Do Create Charming Tableau

To avoid clutter, collect a series of themed décor pieces, and then create a tableau. For example, choose different items made out of wicker, and set them up on your mantle with a handsome vase or statue. The wicker pieces should be different shapes and sizes to create visual interest. You could also display a pretty antique plate and draw colors from the paint into your tableau with vases, glasses, or other accent items. Again, the key is to vary size and shape.

Make your guests feel like they're in a cozy country cottage by decorating with a homey style. Get started by buying home decor online.

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