Custom Picture Frame Ideas For Your New Baby

Commemorating the birth of your bundle of joy in pictures is one of the fun things new parents get to do, and choosing custom picture framing ideas can make your baby's first photos even more unique. Here are just some of the many custom framing ideas you can use for your little one's photos.

Receiving Blanket Frame

You can have your framing service take your little one's receiving blanket (possibly the one he or she came home from the hospital in) and use it to create a padded cloth picture frame. Have one of the pictures taken of your baby at the hospital placed in the frame along with pastel-colored matting. This gives you a one-of-a-kind picture frame while also giving you a way to preserve your baby's first blanket. When your little one grows up and has children, pass the frame down so it can be used for your grandchildren's photos.

Baby's Footprint Frame

Creating a custom frame with your baby's footprints offers an adorable option for displaying his or her pictures. Bring your framing service a copy of your little one's foot prints (you can also include hand prints as well). The prints can be added digitally to a frame to give it a delightful border all around the frame. If possible, ask your framing service to keep the images true-to-size, so you have a lasting memory of just how tiny his or her feet were. Choose a lightly colored frame to let the prints stand out, and consider having your baby's name painted on the frame for a more customized finishing touch.

Memento Shadow Box

Some parents choose to keep a variety of different items from their child's first months. This might include a pacifier, the outfit he or she came home from the hospital in, a first pair of shoes and a small stuffed animal. Instead of letting these items simply sit in a box, consider having them placed in a shadow box you can mount on your wall. Collect the items you want placed in the shadow box along with a portrait of your infant, and have your custom framing service put everything together for you. You may also want to consider adding a baby blanket to serve as the background for this idea. If you have several children, have a shadow box made for each one so they can all see their baby mementos proudly hanging on the wall.

Babies don't stay small for long, so consider using custom picture frames to preserve the memories you create with your little one, and give your family a way to treasure the birth of each bundle of joy you bring into the world. Contact a company like Hoosier Highlander to get started.

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