Ask These Questions When You Shop for Collectible Figures Online

When you love collectible figurines, it's ideal to take your pursuit of them to the Internet. By shopping online, you'll have access to the products of vendors across the country and beyond, giving you the ability to eventually get your hands on the items that you can't find in your local store. When you shop online, it's advantageous to not only peruse the product photos thoroughly but also to email the seller to ask any questions about things you want clarified. Given that it's important for collectible figurines and their packaging to be pristine if you plan to hold on to them as an investment, here are some questions to consider asking.

Is the Listed Picture the Exact Product I'll Be Buying?

Some online sellers take pictures of each of the products that they list online, while others use stock images. The former scenario is preferable, as it allows you to know the exact appearance of the product that you'll be buying and meticulously check the condition of not only the figure inside the package but also of the package itself. If the seller uses a stock image, there's no harm in asking if he or she can take some photos of the exact product you're interested in buying and email them to you.

How Has This Product Been Stored?

When you keep collectible figurines as an investment and do not plan to open the packaging, you need to be sure that the product has been stored correctly. If it's been out on a shelf at a store, it could possibly have been exposed to UV rays that could eventually yellow the plastic packaging or cause the label colors to fade. If the product has been out on display, you want to hear that it's been kept on a shelf away from the store's windows. Ideally, though, the product will have been kept in a box away from the light.

Does the Product Have a Serial Number?

Many collectible figurines for sale are made in limited editions and have these numbers stamped on the rear of the packing. For example, a figurine may have only been made 1,000 times, and it could have a serial number—for example, #575/1,000—on the rear of the packaging. If you're buying as an investment, you'll want to try to get as many serial-numbered collectible figurines as possible, and asking for this clarification can help you make sure to buy the right things.

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