What Can You Do When Your House Has Ungrounded Outlets?

A common problem of buying an old house is ungrounded outlets. You can ask the seller to upgrade some of the outlets before closing on the house. An ungrounded outlet is distinguishable by the two slot configuration. On the other hand, a grounded outlet has the two slots with a hole in the center of the slots. The hole is the ground socket.

However, you do not have to upgrade all ungrounded outlets. Older wiring has never contained a ground wire. The ungrounded outlets were wired in this manner, which is acceptable. Read on to find out what to do when your house has ungrounded outlets.

Get Some Power Cords

Power cords or cables are used to extend the distance between a power outlet and an electrically powered item. These types of cables can be used with an extension cord. If you have ungrounded outlets, then you need to stock up on these power cords online.

The five things to look for when buying cables are cost, warranty, length, number of outlets and quality. You can check the quality by looking at the cable joints. Cables are made up of an outlet, cable and plug. You should check the plug for breaks in its protective covering or for loose connections in the plug. One of the prongs are wider than the other. This configuration makes sure the plug is facing the correct way up.

Choose The Right Length And Capacity

It is important to choose a cord that is suitable to handle high power loads. You want to use caution when plugging high power items into an ungrounded outlet. If you have too much power in one outlet, then you will blow a fuse and have to replace it.

The capacity of a cord is determined by its wire gauge and length. Every extra foot of a cable increases the electrical resistance. This results in decreasing the power the cable delivers to the device that is connected. It helps to only use the length that is necessary.

Install Some Grounded Outlets

Some outlets must be grounded in your home. High-powered appliances should be connected to a grounded outlet. An electric oven is an example of a high-powered appliance. If your house had previous owners, then they probably made the change for this electrical outlet.

Computers are another electronic that must be plugged into a grounded outlet. This electronic generates a lot of power and you want to protect your computer. You can have an electrician to come out to evaluate the situation and give you an estimate.

It is important to get a home inspection before closing on the house. The inspector can tell you the changes required to bring your home up-to-date.

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