Fun Ways to Use Screen-Printed T-Shirts to Raise Funding for Your Classroom Event

As a teacher, it is always easy for you to come up with ideas for cool trips and special activities that your class would love. However, it is most often left up to you and your teacher's salary to determine how you can raise funding for special events and activities. One of the most readily available items available in stores and online is screen-printed t-shirts, which can often be found for super-low prices. This makes these simple clothing articles ideal for use in your fundraising endeavors. Here are a few fun ideas you should consider involving t-shirts if you are planning an upcoming fundraiser for your class.

Create a simple website and sell t-shirts online.

Creating a website now is easier than it has ever been before, and you can often build a basic website for no charge at all. You can create a fundraiser event with screen-printed t-shirts by building a basic online store with the different shirts you have available and pass out flyers about the new site to students, who can share the flyers with their parents and others in their families. If you are looking to go with something that costs absolutely nothing to get started, consider working with a third-party apparel retailer who will allow you to post their items for sale on your site at your own prices. 

Hold a t-shirt raffle every day for a week.

Hold a raffle at the school for children, teachers, staff, and parents. A raffle is so easy to conduct that you could easily do this every day for a week, which would give you several days of raffle proceeds. Just advertise what you are doing in advance and attract as much interest as possible. Keep the raffle prices low enough that people could enter on more than one day if they wanted to. For example, you could sell raffle tickets for one dollar each and have the winner choose a shirt in their size if their number is drawn. 

Have the class help create a t-shirt online and advertise it for sale.

There are a lot of websites that allow you to create your own t-shirts and then sell them through their online store, and with each sale, you get a portion of the profits. Get the kids involved in creating a t-shirt design, and then have them help market the t-shirt by sharing the link to the shirt for sale on their own social media profiles. 

Visit sites like to start looking at websites that might be a good fit for you. 

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