Microfiber Vs Cotton: How Do You Choose?


When some people go to the store to go shopping for clothing, the biggest decision they make is which shirt they think looks the best. Do they like the shirt with the funny saying written across it or do they prefer the shirt with their favorite television show on it? Some people, however, also care about how the clothing feels when they are wearing it. If you are more considered with how the shirt feels, the decision you are really trying to make is what kind of material you want the clothing to be made out of. For example, do you prefer microfiber or cotton?

The Comfort Value

Both cotton and microfiber clothing are popular choices because of the level of comfort they offer. Cotton, however, tends to become softer and more comfortable as you wash it. Microfiber just starts out that way. Microfiber clothing features tight weaves which make it resistant to both wind and water. This makes it a great material for jackets and other clothing you intend to wear outside. Cotton, on the other hand, tends to hold water. This makes cotton clothing unappealing to an athletic individual as the clothing will become heavier and wetter the longer you wear it while working out or running in the rain.

The Laundering Requirements

As you are selecting a type of clothing, you do not want something that is going to be a pain to wash. Microfiber has the added benefit of being extremely simple when it comes to laundering requirements. Namely, the material is safe for a washer cycle and a tumble dryer cycle. The biggest issue with washing microfiber is the static cling the material develops in the dryer. Washing it with some fabric softener, using dryer sheets, or using dryer balls is an easy way to eliminate this small issues, though. You also do not have to worry about ironing your microfiber clothing as the material is also stretchy and wrinkle-resistant.

Cotton is also fairly easy to toss in the washer and dryer. Unlike microfiber, cotton is prone to shrinking in the wash. It is also extremely easy to wrinkle cotton clothing. If you have a cotton shirt or a pair of cotton pants you plan on wearing somewhere nice, you will have to iron them to get the wrinkles out.

As you can see, cotton and microfiber clothing are similar and different in a lot of ways. Based on the comfort level and laundering requirements, microfiber clothing tends to offer a few more benefits than cotton clothing does. Check with an apparel company, like Elbowgrease Athletics, for more options.


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