Light Up The Night With Some Inexpensive Landscaping Solutions

When you are planning your landscaping, don't forget to install or add some lighting to keep your outdoor space illuminated and safe for those living there. There are many types of light fixtures available for your home's exterior spaces, and that won't cost you a fortune to install. These features will help provide a sense of security and safety to your property. 

Some ways to light up your landscaping include:

Create mood lighting. Make your outdoor spaces warm and inviting with some mood lighting. Hanging candle lanterns are perfect for suspending from fences, trees, and porches; flameless candles offer a cost-efficient, safe alternative to conventional candles and tea-lights. Use these hanging lanterns on your picnic or dining table for soft light while you entertain or eat.

Illuminate a path. Make access to your property safer with some solar stake lights along the paths and walkways. Use these near steps and stairs to reduce the risk of a nasty fall. These are great to use at the end of each row in your veggie garden, too, as it makes it easier for night-time picking and harvesting of your produce.

Focus in on a focal point. Use adjustable light fixtures to highlight a feature or focal point on your property. This could be a garden, a fountain, or even a boulder; point the light up toward the object, so that it reflects all around and illuminates the space softly.

Recycle something dramatic. Another clever idea is to recycle indoor light fixtures to be used outdoors in your landscape projects. This includes vintage chandeliers and pendant lamps, which look stunning when suspended from a tree branch or the eaves of your home. Be sure to remove or alter the electrical wiring so that the fixture is safe to be used outside.

Find fountains that light-up. A fountain is the perfect accent for your yard, garden, or exteriors, and many outdoor water fountains feature colored light displays that can add a rainbow of illumination across your property. Seek a style that operates on solar-energy, or invest in one that can be connected to your home's electrical outlet with ease.

When you think about your home's landscaping, don't overlook the importance of some exterior lighting sources. Illuminating your property not only highlights the many features of your yard, but also helps prevent the risk of an injury due to a fall. Make your property feel more safe and secure with outdoor lighting fixtures and features!

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