4 Types Of Holiday Traditions Ideal For Movie Lovers

The holidays are all about celebrating traditions, whether it's old family traditions or creating new traditions of your own. If you have a family member that loves movies, then there are four ways to create holiday traditions that encompass their love for movies and the holidays all in one. Browse through each of these ideas to see how you can infuse them into your holiday traditions this year.

Movie Character Ornaments

As you browse through holiday decorations for sale, you can often a number of movie characters formed into holiday ornaments. These characters come from a wide range of films and can make great decorations for the tree. To start this tradition, you can purchase three to five different ornaments that represent your loved one's favorite movies. Film ornaments often include iconic movies like Star Wars, Batman vs. Superman, and Back to the Future. A number of classic holiday films have their own ornaments as well. Along with giving the ornaments, you can pack them with something special like a Blu-Ray copy of the film.

Christmas Eve Movie Traditions

Start a new tradition each Christmas Eve by providing your loved one with a special movie gift package. Around the holidays, popcorn tins are often a popular gift. You can purchase these tins with holiday movie designs around the outside. Along with the tin, you can give the gift of a movie that you can watch together. Aside from just a movie, you may consider a gift card to a digital streaming service so you can all select from dozens of movie options.

Movie Snow Globe Designs

Snow globes are a great traditional holiday decoration and a fun thing to collect and display each year. Instead of giving a basic holiday snow globe, you can find a variety of designs with move themes and decorations applied to them. Holiday films like A Christmas Story, Elf, and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation each have various snow globes as do a number of regular films. For example, there a number of horror movies that have released special edition snow globes. This is a fun way to mix holiday traditions with a number of different films.


Instead of hanging up the same stocking year after year, you can provide your loved one with a movie theme design. Move character stockings often feature the plush head of a movie character near the top of the stocking. You also have the option of purchasing screen-printed stockings with movie logos, characters, and elements from the films. Each year, you can select different movie genre themes to purchase stockings for. This includes sci-fi, superhero, or classic monster films among others. Choosing the theme can be a fun part of the surprise each year.

Browse through a variety of holiday decorations for sale to see how you can apply movie themes to the products. This will help you brainstorm fun ideas and new traditions.

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