Insanely Adorable Infant Costumes That You Can Make Yourself

If you are looking for a costume that is safe, affordable, and comfy for your baby, you may want to create your own. You likely have everything that you need on hand to put together an insanely adorable infant costume without spending a cent. Try some of these sweet infant ideas the next time you want the family to dress-up:

A tasty taco. Swaddle your baby in a light-colored blanket, and secure taco "fixin's" to the front of a plain colored sleeper. Shredded green fabric is lettuce and shredded orange material is cheese, for example. Simple and so sweet!

Your precious parcel. Use a plain white sleeper or onesie to create an envelope that you can use a permanent marker to label and address like a piece of mail. Don't forget to add your own colorful postage stamp, either attaching a square of fabric or drawing one on the sleeper, itself.

Worth every dime. Turn your sweet infant into a bag of loot by using a khaki or burlap looking onesie and adding a large dollar-sign to the front. They will look like a bag of money that is way too sweet to spend!

A baby bird. Infants are kind of like baby birds and it is easy to turn a simple sleeper into a fine feathered ensemble for your child. Hot-glue a few feathers to a baby beanie for a funny little bird that will bring a smile to your face.

The perfect cap. Sometimes all that you need is a hat to create a costume for a baby. Use soft fabric and a bit of relaxed elastic to form a basic cap that you can then adorn to fit all kinds of costume themes. For instance, add red polka dots to a white beanie to look like a forest mushroom cap. Add shredded fabric or yarn to the beanie to resemble a full head of hair.

Make a mini-me. Maybe the simplest idea of all is to give your baby a mini-me-makeover. Simply give them a mustache using a non-toxic, non-permanent marker. You can dress your baby in clothes that might resemble something you or another loved one would wear to make them look like a tiny adult.

If you prefer to buy a costume that is all ready to wear, talk with baby retailers like Easley's Fun Shop about cute and safe options that won't impede the infant's movements. Always supervise an infant when they are in costume, and be sure to only select options that don't have small parts that could present a choking hazard. 

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