Go For The Gold: A Little Investment Insight Into Buying Gold

If you are looking for a low-risk investment, you really can't go wrong with gold. First of all, there are ample opportunities to invest and buy gold at the price-point that you are looking to spend. Even a small 10-karat gold tie pin is something that will increase in value over time, while being affordable enough to make investing in gold feasible. Talk with gold buyers and retailers to find out the current price for gold and to determine the best way to go about building your own gold portfolio.

Some things to know when buying gold include:

Pay attention to the karat. The higher the karat, the purer the gold. However, pure gold is not very strong, so if you are an active person buying gold jewelry, 10-karat may be more durable than 24-karat pieces. If you are looking at an investment, 24-karat would be a good choice.

Skip the gemstones. The market for gemstones waxes and wanes, and you may find that even scrap gold is worth more than a beautiful stone set in a gold setting. While gems may also gain value, gold is among the wisest choices when you are looking for an investment that will yield a return. Since the value of your investment is based on the weight of the gold, opt for weight and karat over something inlaid with stones that would need to be removed before selling the gold based on weight to a buyer.

Have items appraised. Whenever you invest in gold, like a gold watch or piece of jewelry, get the items appraised and be sure to list these acquisitions on your home or renters' insurance.

Take pictures. It makes sense to take pictures of your gold purchases, for both insurance carriers if needed and to maintain a record of what you have. Put copies of these photos on your computer or with your important documents in the event they are needed.

Keep your gold safe. Your gold is an investment so keep it safe. Invest in a strong box to keep gold at home in your safe or secured in a locked space. Or you could invest in a safe deposit box at your favorite banking institution. If the items are not pieces that you regularly wear or need access to, play it safe by locking it up at your bank.

Gold is a great investment that can earn you a return, yet is something you can also wear and enjoy as it increases in value. Talk with gold buyers like Palace Jewelry & Loan about the current price for gold, and begin acquiring pieces. 

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