3 Circulated Coins That Can Help You Get Started With A Coin Collecting Hobby

If you want to have a rewarding hobby that also gives you a piece of history, collecting coins can be a good choice. There are many different types of coins that you may want to consider adding to your collection, which are often uncirculated. There are also circulated coins that can be a valuable asset that you find in your pocket change. Here are just a few circulated coins that you may want to consider to give you a head start in coin collecting:

1. That Penny In Your Pocket Could Be Worth A Small Fortune

You may not think much about it when you get a pocket full of pennies when you break a bill. Those pennies in your pocket may be worth saving to get a better look at. Some famous pennies include the 1943 copper penny. Only a handful of these accidentally minted coins exist today, and they can be worth thousands of dollars or more if you find one that is in mint condition. There are also many pennies with mint errors that can be worth a small fortune, and worth adding to your new coin collection.

2. Nickels And Dimes That Are Worth Their Weight In Silver

In the first part of the twentieth century, many coins were minted in silver. This includes nickels and dimes that are worth their weight in silver. There are also many nickels and dimes that have small mint errors, which make them valuable to collectors. One of the most recent mint errors on these coins is the 2005 bison nickel, which looks like the bison in the engraving has bad details.

3. Some Modern Quarters Have Errors That Make Them Especially Collectable

There are also many modern quarters in circulation that you may want to add to your collection. These include modern state park quarters that are being minted each year, as well as the US state quarters, which feature some coins with interesting errors that make them very valuable. These coins are also the ones you are most likely to get back with your pocket change, and you can get albums from the mint to complete these collections.

These are just a few coins that you may want to consider to give you a head start in a new coin collecting hobby. If you are missing a couple of coins to complete any of your coin sets, contact a coin dealer such as American Precious Metals Inc to get the ones you need.

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