3 Tips For Buying & Reselling Gold Jewelry

Have you decided to get into the hobby of collecting gold jewelry because so it can earn you a nice return if you need money? If you want to make sure you are purchasing gold that buyers will be interested in, you must be careful about the kind purchased. Take a look at the article below for a few tips that you can consider when it comes to about and reselling gold jewelry.

1. Opt for Broken Gold Jewelry for a Discount

When you go on your hunt for gold jewelry, make sure that you find the best deals possible. Keep in mind that you are buying the jewelry as a hobby and so it can be resold later on, so you don't have to get pieces that are in good shape. For instance, you can purchase broken gold necklaces and bracelets to possibly get them at a discount. Your only concern should be if the gold is real or not, as buyers will be interested in the weight and pureness of the gold. Opt for gold jewelry that has a high amount of carats, as it determines how pure it is.

2. Know the Market Prices for Gold Jewelry

You might want to get into the habit of paying attention to market prices if you intend on reselling gold jewelry for a profit. When you begin taking your jewelry around to gold buyers, having knowledge of the current market prices at the time will give you leverage when it comes to getting a good return. You might be able to negotiate on the price in an effort to get a better deal if you express knowledge of market prices to the jewelry. Knowledge of the market prices will also give you more insight on when it is a good time to sell your gold jewelry. For instance, you will want to sell the jewelry during a time when the demand for it is higher than usual.

3. Learn Who the Best Gold Buyers Are

There are some gold buyers that will give you a higher return on your gold jewelry than others, so don't settle for the first company that you find. You might have a better chance at earning a nice return on the jewelry if you opt for a buyer with a specialty for buying gold. Companies that specialize in buying gold are typically more willing to accept damaged jewelry, as they are interested in melting it down for other uses. There are various gold buyers to choose from, whether it be in person or via sending your jewelry through the mail. Contact a business, such as The Jackels Collection of Beverly Hills, for more information.   

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