Outdoor Decor: Three Clever Uses For Large Outdoor Planters

Large outdoor planters are a versatile way to add a touch of décor and style to your backyard. While they can certainly be used for plants or herbs, they aren't limited to that use. In fact, there are several ways that you can use outdoor planters.

Struck for inspiration? Have no fear. Here are three clever and creative ways to use ornamental outdoor planters:

1. Outdoor Storage

Large planters are the perfect vessel for storing all of your outdoor items. They can easily be used to store all of your outdoor accessories, such as towels and flip-flops. Just roll up the towels and insert them into the planter. For shoes and other items, just pair them together and place them inside.

They can also be used to store firewood. Whether indoors or outdoors, planters offer a stylish way to house firewood. Simply place the planter near the fire pit or fireplace and fill it with chopped wood. Whenever you need to add wood to the fire, just take the logs out of the planter.

Planters can also be used to store your barbecue tools, gardening accessories, and even outdoor toys for your children. Get creative and use an assortment of planters in a variety of sizes to store all of your outdoor tools and accessories in style.

2. Cooler

Planters also make great coolers. Unlike traditional coolers, they don't distract from the outdoor décor. However, they are still easy to move and work wonderfully as a drink cooler. Just fill the planter with ice and insert your drinks. They will be easy access, they'll stay cool, and they won't cause an eyesore in your yard. It's a win-win.

3. Table

You can also use large outdoor planters as tables. For an elegant outdoor table, take a large ornamental plater and place a piece of glass on top for a table that serves double-duty: a side table and a storage area. Just fill the space inside with towels, decorative items, or even magazines. If you don't want or need the additional storage, just flip the planter over and place a decorative fabric or piece of glass on top. Viola, an affordable and stylish outdoor table.

As you can see, outdoor planters aren't restricted to being used for plants. So if you don't have a green thumb, don't worry. You can still find many uses for those beautiful outdoor planters online. So get creative and use these ideas for inspiration.

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