3 Types Of Military Awards That Should Motivate Your Recruits

As a military boot camp facilitator, you know how tough the boot camp process can be for new recruits – from the beginning they are challenged with lack of sleep, excruciating physical training, and very little free time to do as they please. While these challenges are essential for the preparation of performing active duty and facing dangerous situations, the process can get pretty overwhelming for many recruits without the help of some extra motivation as they progress.

A great way to motivate your recruits is to present them with awards at a few different intervals throughout the boot camp process. After a particularly challenging physical test and to commemorate making it to the halfway point of boot camp are a couple of times in which presenting military awards to your recruits would be effective in providing some extra motivation. Here are four types of military awards your recruits are sure to appreciate:


Military certificates are a cost effective way to recognize hard work within your recruit group as often as you see fit throughout boot camp. Because they can be filled out by hand, they tend to offer a personalized feel compared to most other types of award options. You can give certificates out once a week to the top recruits, offer them on occasion as you see potential in a particular individual, or even ask recruits to nominate each other for receipt of them.

Lapel Pins

Being able to wear an award to show off after completing boot camp is sure to be appealing to most of your recruits, as they'll likely enjoy sharing with others the fact that they were tough enough to complete boot camp. Wearing a lapel pin will allow them to show off their military status without having to feel like they're bragging about the fact.


Ribbons come in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles which makes it easy to customize them for a variety of different award types. They're also easy for recruits to hang on a wall or include in a photo book once they get home after completing boot camp. Ribbons are an awesome award option for things like push up competitions and after completion of a special task.  

These military awards are a great way to make sure that your recruits feel appreciated and respected for the commitment they have given to the military during boot camp. They should also encourage recruits to work hard during active duty in order to earn even more awards and medals. Contact a company like The Trophy Case that provides these awards for more information.

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