Getting The Most Cash For Your Gold And Silver Jewelry: What To Do

If you have broken or unwanted jewelry and much of your metal content is gold or silver, you can get money for your items. You simply need to know where to shop around to get the greatest deal so you can get cash in hand to spend on whatever you want. Here are ways you can get the most cash for your unwanted gold and silver jewelry.

Sell for scrap

If most of your jewelry is broken or missing stones, you can still get money for gold or silver pieces by selling what you have for scrap. You can sell your jewelry at online auctions, in your local newspaper, or even on free classified sites online. Before you post your gold and silver online you should know the weight of your jewelry and what the current gold and silver value is per ounce. This can help you determine a realistic asking price for your pieces.

Keep in mind that most people who are buying scrap silver and gold are wanting to either melt the items down to keep as an investment or they want to re-sell your scrap jewelry to make a profit. This means you should be open to negotiation so your buyers can see your pieces as an investment worth making.

Consider a pawn shop

If your jewelry pieces are complete with gems, authentic or otherwise, you may be able to sell them at a pawn shop. Pawn shops are often interested in jewelry, especially rings and necklaces, since they have a high resell factor and can make pawn shops a lot of money. Make note of any maker's marks, symbols embedded in your jewels to indicate the designer of your pieces. Certain goldsmiths and silversmiths can add value to your jewelry, and this should be pointed out to pawn shop owners before negotiating any prices for your items.

Trade them in

If you aren't necessarily looking for cash for your gold and silver jewelry but you still want to get rid of some pieces, a jeweler may be willing to let you trade in your unwanted or outdated jewelry for credit on new styles in their store. This is a great way to upgrade your current jewelry collection without having to actually sell your pieces first. Some jewelers may also be willing to buy your jewelry for a fair market price as well if cash is really what you need.

Your unwanted or broken jewelry can make you extra cash if you know where to go. You can sell your items yourself for scrap, visit your local pawn shop, or even trade your items in to a jeweler for store credit. All of these are great ways to get the most out of gold and silver jewelry you no longer want or need.

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