How To Present Monetary Gifts In Unique Ways

If you have decided to give monetary gifts instead of actual ones, you may be wondering how to make your presentation special. Here are some ideas that might inspire you to give your gift in a unique way.

A Gift Within A Gift - Even though the focus is on giving money rather than a traditional gift, consider giving the money along with a token gift.

  • One idea to give as a wedding present would be to give a rolling pin with a personal check secured around it. Tie a huge bow around both the rolling pin and the check and your gift is ready to go. Another idea for weddings is to give the bride and groom a collection of your favorite recipes which you have written on index cards. However, as you place them in a recipe box holder, add a note that indicates there is something behind the Miscellaneous category. There the newlyweds will find a money bill or a check in the amount you desire.
  • A fun gift for a teenaged girl to receive would be a fancy clothes hanger with money tied at the top of the hanger and a note that says something like, Hang something pretty on me. A young man going off to college might enjoy receiving his check or money tied on to a day-planner with a note attached that encourages him to fill the pages with great memories.

Clever Containers - If you are wanting to give only the monetary gift without an actual present, here are some fun ways to present your gift.

  • Plastic medicine tube bottles hold quarters perfectly. Depending on how much money you want to give, think about placing the quarters in as many containers as you need and tying them with a brightly colored ribbon. To make the gift even more fun, consider adding a sticky label to each container with messages like, The doctor prescribes a delicious treat or Rx for happy shopping.
  • If your gift is going to a little girl, a young lady or an adult woman, consider giving the gift in a beautiful cardboard or plastic box made especially to hold little gifts. You can find jewelry gift boxes at craft stores, at stationary stores or even right at a jewelry store.
  • If you want to give a very special monetary gift but you want the recipient to also receive an actual present, consider putting a check, a money bill or a gift card right into a jewelry box. Jewelry boxes for women come in many designs and in different price ranges, and you can even buy one online. Think about selecting one that has little drawers that can hold rings and earrings, a section for bracelets​, and another one where the recipient can hang necklaces. 

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